Emu Oil is one of the best mositurizers and healers you can find. Pure Emu Oil can help with lines and wrinkles, dry skin, bed sores, diaper rash, any kind of skin condition for that matter. It is widely used for burns, including sunburn, windburn as well as steam, oil or other burns. Many hospitals use emu oil in their treatment of burn victims due to its highly healing and anti-spectic, anti-fungal properties. These products do not have any artificial or chemicals in them. The products on this page are PURE Emu Oil, fully refined in a safe, eco-friendly process and processed as food oils are as well.

Emu Oil is highly concentrated. It takes very little to cover an average person's face--1 to 2 drops is all that is needed! Even the smallest size, the 2.25 oz will last a person quite awhile. There are other sizes as my customers have requested larger and larger sizes, so now Emu Oil Naturally offers from 2.25 oz to the largest size of 38 oz. You have the choice of choosing what fits best with your family and your lifestyle.


Emu Oil is a healthy complex oil which is highly emollient, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and enhance all types of healing whether internal or external. Pure Emu Oil 2.25oz through 38 oz Emu Oil pic is valuable in treating active acne as well as helping with post acne scars. It can be used by anyone, young or older, who has skin problems while costing much less than prescriptions without any side effects. It is an excellent product for use with all types of rashes and burns, including sunburn, windburn, even radiation burns. Emu oil can help heal diaper rash as well as protect a baby's tender skin. It is great for bothersome athlete's foot and other fungus and bacterial infections. You will see a difference with the first use of Emu Oil, however repeated regular use will give you the best results. Whether you have dry skin, weathered skin, wrinkled skin, acne prone skin, cracked heels and elbows, crow's feet issues, cuts, scrapes-- Emu Oil will help, immensely. Although the price initially may seem high, the small amount needed for the benefits received makes our oil very cost-reasonable in the long run. Our Emu Oil is fragrance free and non-allegeric. Remember to use only a little at a time as Emu Oil is highly concentrated.

Repeated use will not harm anyone.

Ingredients: 100% American Emu Association (AEA) certified Emu Oil.

Emu Oil
Price: 2.25oz/$20.00
Price: 5.5oz/$40.00
Price: 10 oz/$60.00


Now Oil of Emu is even better! It is still a Hollywood skin care secret used by celebrities like Goldie Hawn and Demi Moore but now, the oil is molecularly distilled and triple refined! Many top cosmetic companies use Emu Oil in their anti-aging lotions and serums. Oil of Emu is so pure, so refined, so light & silky in texture--you won't believe it is an "oil". It gives results showing a reduction in the appearance of lines, wrinkles and nourishing benefits that have never been seen before! Oil of Emu easily absorbs into the skin to lock in moisture. Oil of Emu is an all natural anti-oxidant that slows down the aging process. Emu oil is a natural balanced source of twenty-two--that's 22 essential fatty acids (EFA's), including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. (Linoleic acid in Omega 6 is what your skin thrists for!) It is packed full of all kinds of natural benefits that will help restore your skin's lipids, as well as the collagen & elastin necessary for youthful skin. It nourishes your skin while it moisturizes & tones. Emu Oil is transdermal, non-irritating and non-comeodegenic (doesn't clog pores). Oil of Emu Face & Body Treatment is cost effective: Only $25 for a full two ounces~~compare to Dremu at $60 an ounce. Use with or without makeup for a dewy glow all day long. Look your best with Oil of Emu! You won't regret it! Gentle, safe and effective, can be used by people with even the most sensitive skin. Repeated use will multiply the benefits.

Ingredients: pure TRIPLE refined AEA certified Emu Oil

Triple refined OIL of EMU, 2.25 oz
Price: $35.00

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